5 Things We Learned from our Opening Weekend

Did you make it out to our grand opening? We hope so! Here are a few things we learned from Mission Food Park’s long-awaited debut. 

People show up hungry. Really hungry.

Hungry people showing up to a food park? This should be expected, but not even we anticipated the amazing turnout we’d see at our opening weekend! Unfortunately, with big crowds comes a bigger chance that food will run out. This is what happened at several of our food trucks. 

As you know, local businesses have taken a huge hit due to COVID-19 and recent shut-downs. A sold-out night may be an inconvenience for those hoping to sample these delicious foods, but can make all the difference in how well that food truck owner can manage his/her bills for that month. Bottom line: please be patient and understanding when it comes to our food trucks. It takes hours of preparation to get geared up for a few hours of selling and it can be impossible to predict how many patrons will show up on a given night. We can assure you it is their goal to serve you and serve you well. We promise! 

RGV food trucks are locked and loaded.

We’d like to extend a huge thank you to all of the vendors that participated in our opening weekend. And we’ve got more good news! We are currently meeting with several food truck owners who want to be a part of Mission Food Park. We are striving for a diverse variety of cuisine – from your classic food truck fare to healthy options to accommodate every type of foodie. If you are interested in setting up shop at our Mission Food Park, contact us here.  bit.ly/missionfoodpark2020

Seating should NOT be limited.

We absolutely LOVE to see a huge turnout at this event, but with a huge turnout comes the need for a huge amount of seating. If you attended our grand opening and were left without somewhere comfortable to sit, we are sorry. But we are working every day to improve our food park and we will be adding more seating in the weeks to come. Thank you for your patience!

Baby steps.

Like a baby giraffe finding his footing, we stumbled several times during our opening weekend. But each misstep was a learning opportunity and we’re confident we will have all the tools and resources we need to make each weekend at Mission Food Park bigger and better! 

Totally worth it. 

No amount of missteps can take away from the smiles we saw on people’s faces opening night. From families who were happy to be enjoying a night out after months of quarantine, to friends reuniting, to small business owners beaming after months of closures and uncertainty, we are delighted so many RGV residents got to experience the magic of Mission Food Park’s grand opening. We can’t wait to see your faces in the weeks to come!